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I grew up Catholic, I was a Catholic for 35 years, but then I studied the Bible and found that Catholicism was not true to the Scriptures.  So I join a Lutheran Church.  They correct a number of issues I had with Catholicism, but I continued to study the Bible. And as I studied, I saw that Lutheranism wasn't completely true to the Scriptures, but it also failed in certain commandments which they rejected.  

In the mean time I attended a major Protestant seminary, studying to be a pastor, but I couldn't reconcile what the Church doctrine taught to what Jesus said.  So I dropped out that year and left the Lutheran Church.

I then join a Sabbath keeping church.  But I continued to study the Scriptures, and discovered that while they kept the Sabbath and followed closer to the Scriptures, they too failed at following some of God's commandments.  So I now consider myself to be a 'truth seeker'.  I can find no church or synagogue that keeps God's commandments as instructed by Jesus.  They are more focused on the man made doctrines and traditions.

What I share on this website is a taste of what is in my books. 


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