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Listed below are a few of my books.  All books are available on, and other on-line book stores.  Most are available in paperback versions and ebook versions.

According to Jesus, God Will Save Biblical Jews, But not Christians


​Jesus gave specific and succinct instructions on how to inherit eternal life, yet the Church sets those teachings aside. Amazing right? I will show you exactly how Christian Church doctrine leads people away from Jesus', and God's instructions for salvation and what to do about it. You will also read here about the great apostasy, the mark of the beast, the seal of God, what laws does God expect us to keep, saving grace, true repentance, the Church of Laodicea, Jesus' style of evangelism, Jesus' atonement, the nature of God, and much more. If you are a Christian or Jew, you salvation weights in the balance of knowing what is in this book

Also available in an ebook version.

Restoring Lost Truths


The Book of the Revelation tells us that Satan deceives the whole world and causes them to wonder after the Beast (follow his teachings)- and that's happening today. What are those teachings that have deceived the whole world? Surprising enough, those false teachings are coming from within the church which left its Apostolic Hebrew Roots. This Book will shock, amaze and bless you. It will reveal to you critical Biblical truths that were ‘lost’ or perverted over the centuries. These 'lost' truths have caused some of the churches’ core doctrines to no longer be in harmony with the Scriptures. Those that are deceived by the false teachings revealed in this book are unknowingly on the Broad Way leading to destruction – they have accepted a false God and a false Gospel. What is revealed in the book is staggering; you will wonder how could this happen? Then you will ask yourself, 'Could I be deceived?' This book will challenge your beliefs and your understanding of God.  

Also available in an ebook version.

Revelation's Essential Truths


The Book of Revelation is the final book of the New Testament, and it is also the last book given by God, and it contains His last advice, instructions and warnings before the Judgment. The Book of Revelation also contains many apocalyptic visions including the plagues, the four horses, seals, bowls, Beasts, the whore, and others. In this book, I will not try to interpret any of the apocalyptic visions, because the Book of Revelation has far much greater truths that we need to learn. The Book of Revelation tells us how to live to receive the Seal of God, and be among the redeemed and how not to avoid the Mark of the Beast, and we need to know this as Judgment Day approaches. And that's far more important than knowing how someone attempts to understand the nature, timing and sequence of the apocalyptic events. with endless speculations as to who the beast, the whore, and the false prophet are, and what is Babylon. You will be blessed, challenged,instructed and perhaps shocked, by this book as I was

The Mark of the Beast or the Seal of Yahoveh God?


In the Book of the Revelation we see two mysterious signs, people will receive, the “mark of the beast” or the “seal of God”. The Scripture clearly tells us that those with the ‘mark of the beast’ will end up in the ‘lake of fires with burning brimstone’. Yet those with the ‘seal of God’ will end up in the New Jerusalem eating from the tree of life. , Revelation 12:9a, “... that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceives the whole world …” Revelation 13:3b, “… and all the world wondered after the beast.” Many Christians, most all, are worshiping the beast today, and think that they are worship the true God. I will show you the deception in the Scripture, so you can be sure you are not deceived? I will show you how you may avoid the mark of the beast, but gain the ‘seal of God’. The last quarter of this book deal with God’s sacred name. Most of the Jews say it is too holy to use. Most of the Christians don’t know it, Yet the Scriptures command us that we use that name.

Also available in an ebook version.​


Are You a Real Christian?


There are hundreds of types of Christians on earth, but from God's perspective there are only two types: real and false. I know all Christians would probably say that they the real ones, following Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. But that's not what they are doing, they are following the church's teachings, or doctrines, which are often contrary to what Jesus taught and preached. This is a great problem within the church, because Jesus said if we keep his teachings we would never see death. Jesus also said he is our only teacher, yet many of his direct teachings are rejected by the church as they embrace Paul as their primary teacher. Jesus said by his word we will be judged, yet his word is only partially accepted, in some cases outright rejected by the doing that, they reject God as their supreme authority. Who is your supreme authority? Read to find out more.


Christianity is Broke and Beyond Repair


Why do I say that Christianity is broken and beyond repair? I base my understanding of Christianity by what I read about Jesus’ life and his teachings. The Christian Church today is broken because it fails to measure up to the faith Jesus left us, it’s not even close. But we learn in the Book of Acts that the earliest Church kept Jesus' teachings. According to Jesus and according to Moses, Jesus came as Yahoveh’s prophet, speaking Yahoveh’s words with His authority, so one would think the words Jesus spoke would be of paramount importance and influence. Yet he spoke words and commands which are ignored, rejected, or in some other way deemed not relevant by the Christian Church, and that’s causing the Church to stray from following Jesus’ teachings. And I say ‘beyond repair’ because Christianity is based on its doctrine and creeds, which will never change. A Christianity without Jesus' teachings is the great deception that is deceiving the whole world. Read this book to learn much more.

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